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An Ordinance Establishing the Red River Parish Police Jury

Meeting times & Place for 2020.

             Be it ordained by the Police Jury of the Parish of Red River that, in accordance with the authority vested in this Police Jury by Act # 36 of 1926, there is hereby established the Red River Parish Police Jury Meetings, beginning January, 2020, to be held on the first Wednesday of each month with the Committee Meeting to begin at 10 a.m. and to run concurrent into Regular meeting and to be located at the Parish seat, Red River Parish Court House, 615 East Carroll Street, Coushatta, Louisiana, 3rd floor assembly room.

This Ordinance was consider as a whole on the motion of Mr. Moore, seconded by Mr. Taylor and was adopted by the following vote on the 4th of November. 2019:

YEAS: 6            NAYS:  0           ABSENT: 1       ABSTAIN:  0


IT IS HEREBY certified that the above is a true and correct copy of an ordinance adopted by the Police Jury of Red River Parish in regular session November 4, 2019 at which a quorum was present.